What is a Curriculum  – Syllabus and Curriculum educational objectives

The curriculum which is followed for any course in any country be it at the elementary or at the higher education level is the most important thing which actually determines the real scope of the education in the field. The curriculum can be traditional and conventional which had been followed even centuries back and can be modern and innovative that incorporates all the modern day responsibilities of education as well. Curriculum must be comprehensive and should focus on increasing the indulgence of the students themselves in the studies and not just about the teacher giving them a false sense of mentorship. 

Curriculum for educational objectives

A curriculum which is followed by any of the courses in any of the universities is an indicator the total experience that the students gain while they are in the domain of the course. The curriculum is actually a plan according to which the mentors aim at shaping the experience of the students. The curriculum will always include even the methods of teaching that  will be utilized by the educator to make things simpler for their pupils and to enhance the grasping of the knowledge by the students. The curriculum has to account for all the educational objectives that were set by the teaching body while they thought to introduce the course in their institution in the first place. 

The curriculum can in turn be of two types. The first type is the implicit curriculum in which the University or the school aims a teaching in a way that even helps in fulfilling the rather covert objectives of the course. The other type of curriculum is the explicit curriculum. The explicit curriculum as such is aimed at devising teaching strategies for the implementation and completion of the syllabus in the educational institution. Curriculum therefore has a very large domain to cover. 

For the ease of teaching and maintaining standard evaluation tools in the country the countries today have  introduced national curriculums at least at the elementary education level. This system of having a national curriculum At the school levels were started in the United Kingdom the way back. Now the national curriculum system is also followed in India where the curriculum is set by the central Board of secondary education and as for the curriculum syllabus is designed by the National Council of Education research and teaching. Having a national curriculum helps in conduction of national level entrance examinations as well where a uniformity is maintained and the students enjoy a comprehensive learning strategy as well because they get the time to plan as well since the syllabus is already known. 

Syllabus and Curriculum

Many people still have the confusion regarding the differences between four syllables and a curriculum. So let us see certain things which will describe syllabus vs curriculum. As a matter of fact syllabus refers to the topics which have to be covered in a particular subject, which is in turn about of the whole course, but curriculum is a broader term which incorporates all the educational objectives that have to be fulfilled during the completion of a particular course. A syllabus is descriptive in nature whereas curriculum is prescriptive in nature. The syllabus has a very narrow scope and only refers to a particular discipline where has our curriculum will have a broad base and has together a load of used during the educational program. In the truest meaning of the term a curriculum is a set of guidelines that has to be followed for effective implementation of the teaching methodologies, which will be for the entire time for completion of a course. Actually the breakdown of the ideas which are required for the implementation of a course. Oh curriculums requirement for maximum effectiveness of any educational program which has to cater a considerably large number of students. 

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