Beautiful Happy Diwali Wishes Images 2017 Greetings HD Wallpapers Quotes Sayings

Beautiful Happy Diwali Wishes Images 2017 Greetings HD Wallpapers Sayings : On Occasion of  Diwali Festival, Many are searching for Beautiful Happy Diwali Wishes Images 2017 Greetings HD Wallpapers Quotes Sayings. Best Wishes for Diwali 2017 Diwali Quotes Sayings in English Hindi Telugu Diwali GIFs Diwali Photos Diwali Songs Diwali Musics Diwali Wallpapers & Diwali Crackers Online. All are forgetting the Importance of Diwali Greatness of Diwali Festival in busy schedule of their lifestyle Culture Modern Technology.

Come out of All Busy Things and enjoy the Diwali Festival together with the Family & Know about the Diwali Pooja (Nomu) 5 Days Festival History Importance Fascinating views of Diwali Festival.In India and in Some Other Countries , Festival of Diwali is Celebrated with Lots of Happiness & Joyful. Every Year People will celebrate Diwali in a Culture Traditional Way. People believe that on Diwali Festival the Goddesses will enter into Houses which are neat and Clean.  The day before All the People Clean their Houses Shops Apartments & Decorated with Mango leaves Colorful Flowers Pictures and People wear beautiful Clothes, make variety of Sweets. People invite Family Members Friends Relatives for Celebration of Diwali by giving Gifts & Sweets.

All the People wish Good Prosperity Happiness each other with Smiling Greetings with Music & Dancing. People will illuminate Natural Earthern Lamps Candle Sticks Variety of Electric bulbs & Rangoli Decorations with lamps. Diwali Festival is one of Hindu Festival it is celebrated with Family Members Friends Relatives Neighborhoods with Loads of Fun. Diwali is mainly celebrated for Worshiping Hindu Goddesses Lakshmi – Wealth Fortune Prosperity . All the People will believe that this Diwali Festival will bring Happiness Prosperity Good health to Family Members. For Children this festival is mean to Buying and burning Crackers Night Time.  And there are Some more reasons to celebrate the Festival of Diwali Across the India and Other Countries.

Diwali is came into Existence by Following Reasons

Many Religions celebrate Diwali Festival in different way for Different Reasons.

Death of Narakasura
The Lord Rama , Return to Ayodhya (After Killing Ravana)
On Return of Pandavas (after Ajnatavasa & Vanavasa)
Goddess Lakshmi Chosen the Lord Vishnu as Husband
Sikhs Religion Celebrates Diwali Festival, release of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji (Sixth Guru) from Gwalior Fort along with 52 Other Prisoners
Jains Celebrate Diwali Festival – Anniversary of Nirvana (Mahavira’s Soul)

Diwali Festival Five Days Celebrations 

  • Diwali Festival First Day – DHANTERAS
  • Diwali Festival Second Day – CHOTI DIWALI
  • Diwali Festival Third Day – LAKSHMI PUJA
  • Diwali Festival Fourth Day – PADWA & GOVARDHAN PUJA
  • Diwali Festival Fifth Day – BHAI DUJ










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