Competitive Exams to Consider Attempting in 2020

The Indian economy is going through around phase right now. We need the finance sector or the industries all the spheres of our economy are seeing a breakdown. In this scenario, even the education sector has seen a setback and is slipping into the realm of uncertainty. In such a time it becomes very important that those choices that professionals make are extremely apt. This is because any wrong step taken by them can land them into trouble and such a trouble will be extremely difficult to get out from. Therefore it is the responsibility of the people themselves to choose wisely for their future. 

Inside  a country like India, the private culture is still not well established. This is the reason why most people in India are wanting to get into the government sector and work for the government itself. Although the peace kings in the government on lower than what private entities are offering these days. But it is a government job that offers the people of security which becomes extremely scanty in phases of Economic slowdown like the one which is going through now. But to get any government job the individual who is willing to get employed needs to go through a huge process the tiresome process starts with attempting and clearing a competitive examination held for the post for which you are applying. 

Competitive Exams

The other aspect that needs to be considered while any country is going through a rough phase in economics is that your education should be well enough that when opportunities become better again, then you have enough skill to seek employment of your choice. For this education is extremely important. Know when we talk about education in a country like India where the private culture has not set its foot firmly. The students can expect that education obtained from a private university will not be sufficient enough for them to be preferred in crucial job positions. Therefore they have to get into government institutions which have higher reputation to become employable commodities. But again to seek admission into prominent government organizations for higher education, the students need to crack competitive examinations for which lakhs of students sit together. 


IIT-JEE Mains and advanced exams are some of the most popular competitive examinations in India. The  main reason for popularity of this exam is that the craze for engineering in India is still very high and more and more students are wanting to become engineers. For getting into the top most colleges of engineering and even some of the private colleges good score in the examinations is extremely important. The recent figures obtained from this academic sessions exams more than seven lakh students had appeared for the examination making it one of the most competitive examinations in India today. 


The SAT exam is conducted for English proficiency and is a respectable examination considered by many universities all across the world to Grant admission to the international students. Students can check the SAT Exam Syllabus 2020 on the official website. 


NEET is the only examination conducted across the country for entrance into the medical colleges and the dental field. It is the most popular examination at the undergraduate level and more than 13 lakh students appeared in this year’s edition of this examination. 


The Staff selection Commission SSC A conducts Examination for various vacant posts in the government sector The examinations conducted by the SSC for the higher secondary and graduate levels are some of the most prominent and popular examinations in India today which are given by lakhs of students. The popular popularity of these examinations can be estimated from the fact that on an average the number of applicants for these examinations crosses 20 lakhs every year. The examinations Confirm the induction into government sector and various respectable posts. 


The union Public Service Commission Popularly known as the UPSC conducts the civil services examination everywhere. It is the most. Respected examination in India and is given by lakhs of students as well despite. Its popularity. It has to be noted that it is also difficult examination in India. After one completes and qualifies the examination with all its rounds the individual gets a scope of entering into the administrative or other Departments of the government as a grade-A officer. 

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