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Bank Computer Questions for Competitive Exams Check Computer Awareness Questions & Answers: The Candidates who are preparing for Bank exams must have to gain the full Knowledge of Computer subjects. Here we provide the Computer Knowledge for Bank Exam. Check Bank Exam Computer Questions Papers with Answers. Aspirants are required to utilize this opportunity and check all Bank Computer Questions for Competitive exams with answers. Computer Knowledge is a scoring section in IBPS / SBI PO & Clerks exam. As per recent competitive exams analysis, the Computer Knowledge section is the easiest and scoring one. Answering Computer Knowledge Questions require less time. So Check Bank Computer Questions for Competitive exams with answers. Prepare for the Upcoming Bank exam to get the highest score.

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Here we also provided all Banks Competitive exams previous question papers. These papers are very useful to clear exam. We suggest for applicants choose only one topic daily and study It. The best way to get a good score by using the Mock Test Papers. Many Banks Every Year Organize the Various Competitive Exam.

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Computer Awareness Questions 2019 Check BANK Computer Knowledge Questions With Answers

Q.1 BCD Is                               

  1. Binary Coded Digit
  2. Bit Coded Decimal
  3. Bit Coded Digit
  4. Binary Coded Decimal

Answer: Binary Coded Decimal

Q.2 FORTRAN Is                                         

  1. File Transfer
  2. Floppy Translation
  3. Format Translation
  4. Formula Translation

Answer: Format Translation

Q.3: Chief Component of First Generation Computer Was       

1.Vacuum Tubes And Valves
3.Integrated Circuits
4. All of Above

Answer:  Vacuum Tubes and Valves 

Q.4 EEPROM Stand For                                                                

  1. Easily Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
  2. Electricity Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
  3. Electricity Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
  4. None of the Above

Answer: Electricity Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

Q.5: Second Generation Computers Were Developed During 

  1. 1970 to 1990
  2. 1965 to 1970
  3. 19526 to 1965
  4. 1949 to 1955

Answer: 1956 to 1965

Q.6 All Modern Computer Operate On

  1. Word
  2. Data
  3. Information
  4. Floppies

Answer: Data

Q.6 The Most Important Advantage of a Video Disk is

  1. Cost-Effectiveness
  2. Durability
  3. Compactness
  4. Potential Capacity

Answer: Potential Capacity

Q.7 What is the Name Of the Computer Terminal Which Given Paper Printout

  1. Plotter
  2. Hard Copy Terminal
  3. Soft Copy Terminal
  4. Display Screen

Answer: Hard Copy Terminal

Q.8 A Directly Accessible Appointment Calendar is Feature of a – – – –  Resident Package

  1. CPU
  2. Buffer
  3. Memory
  4. ALU

Answer: Memory

Q.9 Current SIMMs Either  – – – Or  – – – Connectors

  1. 9 Or 32
  2. 30 Or 70
  3. 28 Or 72
  4. 30 Or 72

Answer: 30 Or 72

Q.10 Palmtop Computer is Also Known As

  1. Personal Computer
  2. Notebook Computer
  3. Tablet PC
  4. Handheld Computer

Answer: Handheld Computer

Q.11 Computer Basic Architecture Was Developed By

  1. Charles Babbage
  2. John Von Neumann
  3. Blaise Pascal
  4. Jordan Murn

Answer: John Von Neumann

Q.12 Laptops are

  1. Computers Used in  Clinical Laboratories
  2. Hearing the Voice Recognition System
  3. Desktop
  4. Portable Light Weight and Fit into Briefcases

Answer: Portable Light Weight and Fit into Briefcases

Q.13 The First Computer Which Provides Storage is

  1. EDBAC
  2. EDSAC
  3. MARK-I
  4. ACE

Answer: EDSAC

Q.14 Analytical Engine Developed By

  1. Blaise Pascal
  2. Charles Babbage
  3. Dennis Ritchie
  4. Alan Turing

Answer: Charles Babbage

Q.15 Tablet PC Is a Type Of

  1. Microcomputer
  2. Minicomputer
  3. Supercomputer
  4. Mainframe

Answer: Microcomputer

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